Tuesday, September 13, 2011

IELTS Preparation Tips

It seems that everyone on the best way to prepare for the IELTS speaking. Do we need to plan a study or not, as the art of the interview, which is a good IELTS test, and so on. Well, we have not forgotten anything? What is the mental aspect? IELTS, like many other similar tests require psychological preparation is no less (and perhaps more) than a good solid education. As you read this, at least two questions cross my mind - what kind of psychological preparation and what we need.

Take my opinion, anyone planning to IELTS know it involved a lot of pressure. For example, the fact that during the listening section of the tape is played once very intimidating, so if you missed an answer - you have lost it forever, no second chances. Or try to speak during the interview at least two minutes without looking at the clock one can scare like hell. It is also just very depressed studying while viewing the list of tasks you need to know how to quickly and accurately.

Be mentally prepared for the IELTS does two things for you - it helps you study and you can focus on the review rather than your own fears. An IELTS score you need - you can prepare by going to start a realistic goal. Knowing your target score makes it easier for you to compete - where you are now and what improvements you need to reach the goal. This way you know exactly how many responses you can get 40 wrong and still reach your goal.

In preparation for the IELTS, the most important thing is to recognize that time is the luxury that you do not. For this reason, strategies have been developed to address this limitation, and one of them is - skip time for questions. If it takes too long - to give up, continue. Some people find it very difficult to give up because of pride, set up or at the end of perfectionism and have it because it hurts. To ensure they do not happen to you, train your brain to help you obey advance.

Another important aspect is to know your weaknesses. Early in the process are you studying, what you weaknesses when it comes to IELTS is. The natural thing to do is to devote more attention to the weaknesses and do not be discouraged if you find any question to be harder for you than the other. To find out what they expect of themselves, it is easier to control your actions and behavior. If you write such a trend long and complicated sentences and you know - you pay close attention to this aspect.

And finally, a very common problem: procrastination. You already know that you must pass the IELTS, whether the door of your dream, but still - you can not study himself. The solution: make! Set a time limit, you start to those who want to study IELTS tell you right know. The shame of not living up to the expectations of the people you are to the press at your destination, the ACE of the IELTS and forget.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

GRE Test Preparation Guidelines

The main points that are very useful for GRE Test Prep.

* The effective time management.
* Awareness of the test sections and structure.
* Repeated practice.
* Prepare to start with a slow exit.
* Tests to determine repeated.
* Work harder on weakness.

Preparation of a test is never an easy task. Added GRE Test Prep is not easy either. It is important to learn to avoid anxiety during the GRE test prep. The only way to do this is the GRE test preparation provided. The preparation is only possible through the practice. Repeated practice on sample test designed and presented in the same format as the original and the limits of time is the best way to prepare for the original GRE.

The next important point is to get used to the basics of the curriculum sections in question.

The decision, as is all preparation for the GRE, the decision of the student s. The method chosen for the GRE test prep is not important, only the time spent on the GRE test prep to acquire the skills to the test account.

The first point, as I said, is the ability of the student's time management. It is important to keep track of time during the test.

The GRE has a deadline. Each section has a separate time windows in which they are needed. There are no extensions given to complete the tasks. Therefore, students should practice answering the questioner in the first test model of the GRE.

It is important that you establish itself to a timetable for the work samples and you plan to improve your fundamentals. By taking a sample to test, GRE test prep before the students will be able to see the area of ​​the object that is small and work to improve these areas used to determine.

By devoting time to the daily practice and on the following schedule can help you prepare for the GRE test. If you wish, you can also opt for an institute that specializes in such training.

More information about GRE test prep and interlocutor of the sample can be obtained from the following websites:

* Kaplan
* Princeton Review
* GreBible
* The official website of GRE

Saturday, September 3, 2011

GRE General FAQs

What is the GRE and who should?
GRE - Graduate Record Examination abbreviation. The GRE is a computerized test and is conducted by ETS for admission to many graduate schools around the world required.

What is the format of the GRE?
The GRE consists of three sections - a verbal section, a quantitative component and an analytical writing sections. Visit for more details on the GRE this article only.

How is the GRE scored?
The GRE consists of three sections - a verbal section, a quantitative component and an analytical writing sections. The quantitative and verbal sections are each 800 points to make the best possible score on a GRE 1600th The Analytical Writing section will be added to a scale where an independent student receives a score of 0-6 (with a "6" being the highest. The analytical writing score does not affect the overall result of 1600 points scored.

When can I give GRE?
The GRE is open all year round at test centers given in different countries. A schedule is on the official website of the GRE.

What does it cost to take the test?
GRE General Test is $ 160US and China, Korea and Taiwan is $ 250US, while in all other places $ 190US. On the official website here for the latest charges.

As the CAT (Computer Adaptive Test) to work?
It is very important to understand the computer adaptive test format for a good score in GRE.

At the beginning of the CAT exam questions are moderate. Any further question is then determined by your answers to previous questions. If you give the right answer, then the next question becomes more difficult. If you answer correctly, you will be given to the less difficult questions in the rule. In addition, you are not entitled to change answers to previous questions, such as when performing the test, and you are not entitled to skip questions.

The verbal and quantitative sections of the GRE General Test are adaptive tests. On the analytical writing section, the two writing tasks are displayed on the computer, and you have to type your answers dissertation.

GMAT may be substituted for GRE scores?

How long are GRE scores valid?
It is valid up to five years.

How can I register for the GRE?
You can register online at their official website http://www.ets.org/ know or can by phone, by registering 1-800-473-2255.

What happens if I take the GRE, and spoiled?
The only chance you have to cancel your score immediately after completing the exam, but before you make your notes. Once they have reported to you, they can not be undone. If you cancel your scores, they can not be restored, you are not entitled to a refund.

How often can I use the GRE?
The test can be once in a calendar month but not take more than 5 times in a period of 12 months. But it is better to take the GRE preparation time of claim, if you take the GRE multiple times, some schools average your results. You should contact the schools you are applying for their policies and plan your strategy accordingly. If you repeat the test, the score will be the last test date and the two most recent test administrations in the past five years to institutions you designate as beneficiaries, are presented.

What is a good score on the GRE?
It varies from school to school so it is always best for your school, in which you are interested to review. However, the default values ​​for the verbal and quantitative sections over 500 Notation in the analytical writing assessment is not predictable and there are no standard measures. Two readers read each essay written by you to recruit writers and teachers to assess your writing skills. Essays are judged on their overall effect.
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