Friday, July 8, 2011

Famous Foreign Tests for Study Abroad

The various tests that are required for the application from abroad, are given here. You would need to at least one of the following tests to take command of the English language with the standardized tests for admission to a program.


English Proficiency Tests
TOEFL: for almost all programs in the United States.
Acceptable TWE, instead of IELTS in universities in Canada, Australia, Europe, New Zealand.
IELTS :is required for most universities in Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.
TSE: to consider those who recommended for a teaching assistantship in the U.S.

Other standardized tests

Graduate Level (Masters & PhD level programs)

SAT - I: have for almost all undergraduate degree programs in the U.S.
SAT - II: by some American universities for particular courses Required

Graduate Level (Masters & PhD level programs) 

GRE: for social studies, science, engineering sciences in the United States required
GRE Subject: GRE requirement for some universities and programs in the U.S.
GMAT: for business / management programs around the world require
LSAT: Programs last law in the United States
USMLE: Medical programs in the United States
GGFNS for graduate programs in nursing in the United States required

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