Thursday, November 22, 2012

IELTS listening section - Steps to Ace

Read, write and speak English does not necessarily translate good IELTS results. You also need to understand as the accents of native English speakers as well, and this can be an obstacle for you if you are not English-speaking majority in the environment. But do not worry, there are many steps to ensure that you have the monitor section.

Familiarize yourself with the British accent
Do not watch Hollywood movies in the hope that it will help with the IELTS Listening section. Be aware that accents British accent bands. To spend a couple of months before the IELTS listen to the radio or watch British news channel BBC or British films. This is a substantial difference between IELTS and TOEFL, which is usually an American accent.

Follow the instructions very carefully
If the paper on the type, is, read the instructions on the home page of the paper while the instructions of the bands. Turn the page when you are prompted. If the instructions clearly, "write no more than four words" to the letter more or you will not get a trace of them, even if part of your answer is correct to omit. The instructions may vary in different sections of the document, so do not forget to take the time to read each statement.

Notify the supervisor if the tape is faulty
Supervisor play the first few lines of the test strip when the tape functions well. It will not be part of the audit, the records sets played just introduced. So, listen carefully and make sure you can hear the band well. Do not wait until the test is started, before you say anything. Please note that once the test begins, the tape can not be stopped.

The questions are organized according to spoken text
If you relax your mind and you accidentally missed one or two sentences that said, will not panic. Just quickly see the following questions and where the speakers are gone. Remember, because it helps you focus on the current question, and help you move forward even if you have already left behind. Unfortunately, the band will be played once, and there will be no repetition. So if you are to avoid questions, consider getting an estimate of logic that follows the story.

Transfer all questions
clearly and correctly

At the end of the test, you have 10 minutes to transfer your answers on the answer sheet. This may seem obvious, but many brands have lost points because students. Inadvertently transfer their answers to the wrong number on the answer sheet This is the best time to check your answers. Although the test becomes increasingly difficult, you get the same mark for each correct answer.

So just take note of these tips for your IELTS Listening section, and you should be able to have the test without too much difficulty.

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