Thursday, November 1, 2012

Basic Info on GRE Test

You need to get a high score in GRE registered for entry into a foreign university of your choice. However, most students are not quite sure how they register for the GRE, read the eligibility criteria, the test models, etc. all these basic information and tips to learn how to read the test.

The Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is a standardized test for admission in different institutes in the United States and other Anglo-Saxon countries performed. The purpose of the test is to measure quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, writing analysis and critical thinking are not related to a specific field of study. This is a computerized test that can be used by certain qualified testing centers. However, in areas where computer-based testing is not available, the test is done on paper.

How to register
Students registering for the GRE in India in four ways -
Call the appropriate RRC (Regional Centre for registration).
Online Registration
Create an online registry account My GRE.
Download the form International Planning (ISF) and send it to the appropriate RRC
Fax the form of international planning (ISF) to appropriate RRC.

For the payment of the examination fee, you need a credit card. Try to check once cost about Rs 6000th

Selection criteria
GRE The candidate must have a passport and a Bachelor's degree from an accredited university. Specify an age limit for taking Graduate Record Examination. The candidates who are qualified academically able to test it.

Model GRE General Test
The Analytical Writing -
Run a task to a response in 45 minutes

The Analytical Writing -
A task argument will be answered in 30 minutes

Verbal -
30 questions to be answered in 30 minutes

Quantitative -
28 questions to be answered in 45 minutes

The Analytical Writing is a written exam, while other parts are objectively. Total time allotted for the exam is four hours. The topic wise test is also performed for particular topics. These subjects include chemistry, biology, biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, computer science, mathematics, physics, psychology, literature and history of the English language.

First approval
Students should approach the concerned university / institution and GRE score demonstrate the marks of the qualifying examination for admission. A GRE score does not mean automatic inclusion in the course. GRE scores are valid asked five notes, but you will ensure that your guests will not be more than two years. Universities usually admit students on their trademarks and GRE in the qualifying examination is based. The minimum time interval between two tests is the GRE maintaining a month.

Easy Steps for Cracking GRE
* Try to set a date for six months after the beginning of the preparation of GRE. Make sure you get your reserved seat, how is it that students are not a departure date according to their wishes, while slots happens on its own.

* If you take a computer-based exam, make sure that the issue before you try the next one. A test would mean that you click one of the options. You can not try a back issue.

* The first questions 7-10 are crucial in your GRE score. So take your time to answer these questions, even if you miss a few questions at the end.

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