Tuesday, September 13, 2011

IELTS Preparation Tips

It seems that everyone on the best way to prepare for the IELTS speaking. Do we need to plan a study or not, as the art of the interview, which is a good IELTS test, and so on. Well, we have not forgotten anything? What is the mental aspect? IELTS, like many other similar tests require psychological preparation is no less (and perhaps more) than a good solid education. As you read this, at least two questions cross my mind - what kind of psychological preparation and what we need.

Take my opinion, anyone planning to IELTS know it involved a lot of pressure. For example, the fact that during the listening section of the tape is played once very intimidating, so if you missed an answer - you have lost it forever, no second chances. Or try to speak during the interview at least two minutes without looking at the clock one can scare like hell. It is also just very depressed studying while viewing the list of tasks you need to know how to quickly and accurately.

Be mentally prepared for the IELTS does two things for you - it helps you study and you can focus on the review rather than your own fears. An IELTS score you need - you can prepare by going to start a realistic goal. Knowing your target score makes it easier for you to compete - where you are now and what improvements you need to reach the goal. This way you know exactly how many responses you can get 40 wrong and still reach your goal.

In preparation for the IELTS, the most important thing is to recognize that time is the luxury that you do not. For this reason, strategies have been developed to address this limitation, and one of them is - skip time for questions. If it takes too long - to give up, continue. Some people find it very difficult to give up because of pride, set up or at the end of perfectionism and have it because it hurts. To ensure they do not happen to you, train your brain to help you obey advance.

Another important aspect is to know your weaknesses. Early in the process are you studying, what you weaknesses when it comes to IELTS is. The natural thing to do is to devote more attention to the weaknesses and do not be discouraged if you find any question to be harder for you than the other. To find out what they expect of themselves, it is easier to control your actions and behavior. If you write such a trend long and complicated sentences and you know - you pay close attention to this aspect.

And finally, a very common problem: procrastination. You already know that you must pass the IELTS, whether the door of your dream, but still - you can not study himself. The solution: make! Set a time limit, you start to those who want to study IELTS tell you right know. The shame of not living up to the expectations of the people you are to the press at your destination, the ACE of the IELTS and forget.

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