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MAT Test Preparation and Guide

Represents MAT Miller Analogies Test. As its name suggests, is a analogies MAT test. This is a standardized test that is a different admission criteria for graduate schools in the United States . The test is created and published by Pearson . The company offers its services in the areas of assessment , research , education and information publishing.
MAT has a successful history of 50 long years. This test assesses verbal comprehension and analytical thinking candidates. These qualities should be checked at the entrance to the graduation level , as they are essential for success in graduation and subsequent employment .

The test is based on analogies questions on various topics related basis. Then , it checks the candidates' knowledge that can not be achieved by memorizing by heart . Research by Pearson and other studies have been conducted to show that success is directly proportional to the results of the MAT in colleges . Therefore , colleges considering MAT scores provide an assessment of students.

MAT Test Format
MAT 120 contains products for the test must be completed in 60 minutes. Of these 120 articles, 100 the number of guests to be administered for 20 to check their suitability for future management of the MAT and do not rely on your score. Each question is on analogies . An analogy is a set of two pairs of conditions similar relationship between each pair. One of the four elements must be within the range of four possible answers . Individual tests measure two types of skills among candidates
  • The cognitive abilities of the recognition of relationships between words
  • Knowing the content learned in the undergraduate teaching

MAT is greater than 500 controlled Testing Center ( CTC ) conducted in schools in the United States and Canada and some international destinations as well . The test is computerized and paper and pencil based managed in two formats. If you can make a choice to decide what type of format you 're most comfortable and register accordingly.

The content areas are tested in MAT Analogies generally known , humanities, languages ​​, social sciences , and mathematics. The questions are based on the relationship between the following types in the given conditions


Application and what you pay
Registration for the test can be done at CTC where you want to take the MAT . CTC should be contacted

Examination fee
Test program
Application Procedure
Test method

Various officials CTC differently for the test. The fee for the transcript mailed , and official transcripts must be sent to three schools are included in the price. A list of MAT test centers may be obtained on the site. The list contains phone numbers of CTC and information on the format of the test is administered with each computer - paper-based or both. Manage most CTC both formats.
It must be great for you to contact the CTC to which you want to test a lot in advance. Understanding when the test will be most beneficial for you to keep time for the scores to reach you intend to apply for schools. Gather all the information on the registration and inspection plans . As a result , you will be able to record the fastest time.
The scoring of the test is done electronically. Only 100 pieces contribute to your score, 20 products for judging items for the future management of MAT and they do not rely on your guests meant.
The number of items answered correctly is the gross value . The raw scores are based on a general scale converted to a standard group . The group consists of the first candidates of time between January 1, 2004 to December 31 2007 . This ensures that MAT scores adjusted through different text formats are comparable.
You will receive a scaled score and percentile ranks . The scaled values ​​are between 200 and 600 , the average is 400 . Percentile ranks range from 1 to 99. These lines represent the percentage of candidates who receive scores lower than yours . Candidates are those who form the group of standards. Percentiles reported two forms.

Percentile to the major intention : percentile of examinees in the reference group , which should take the same key.
Percentile for the whole group : percentile samples throughout Group Standard .

There is no minimum score for MAT . The definition of a good MAT score varies from college to college. Besides the importance of MAT scores as a criterion for admission also depends on the institution.
It will take 10-15 days for the MAT score report be sent. Marks can be obtained by phone or fax. The transcript staff also mention the number of times you took the exam in the last five years and the date of this experience.
How scores used ?
Many studies are conducted from time to time to understand how useful MAT scores , colleges and schools. MAT scores are continually used as an important criterion for admission . This is a reflection of the utility are the results of the MAT . Although admission decisions are made, MAT scores are not considered in isolation but in conjunction with other indicators of the candidate's qualifications .

Key findings of some studies that provide how effective MAT scores .

There is a positive correlation between MAT scores and performance in the first year of graduation . Therefore scores carpet can predict performance in the first year of college.
MAT is a better predictor than GRE or undergraduate GPA for the first year of graduate performance , overall graduate GPA and results of comprehensive reviews .
The performance of a candidate depends on the MAT

Skills and knowledge of the principles of cognitive Application
Reasoning and Vocabulary
Knowledge in various fields

Colleges give importance to each type of score in MAT transcripts . Your percentile for large entrance are considered specialized courses for the grant.
It is in your own interest to be a high score in MAT . Not only that, the exam you show your knowledge on various subjects, but it also shows how to understand the relationships between different words. A high MAT score set a good impression on regulators about your skills. A low score for MAT is a doubt in their minds fixed on your skills. Even if you meet the other eligibility criteria , a low score in MAT to regulators to reconsider their decisions. The fact that the college application MAT scores indicate that it holds important. Therefore, you should not pass the exam easily.

Preparation for MAT
Preparation for MAT is particularly important and has a direct impact on your performance. The test contains only one type of questions , so you should familiarize yourself with it. Most students are not accustomed to questions about similarities and need training , despite having good cognitive skills.
The test is timed , you must complete two questions in one minute. Therefore , optimizing your time is also important. To pass the exam and quickly locate the correct answer , you must practice a lot.
However, the first step in preparing acquire knowledge about the exam. MAT Candidate Information Booklet contains all the information about the exam. It is on the official site.
Two complete practice tests MAT are available on the official website . These include 100 analogy questions and explanations of the correct answers. A transcript will be generated for the tests, and you'll pay $ 23.99 for each practice test.

If you are in relation to the questions, but can not do well in them, do not despair. Students are able to these questions, because either a poor vocabulary or inability to recognize the link between the concepts to solve. With practice, each of these shortcomings can be overcome. The best part of the test is that you must focus on one type of questions only. There are no different sections have different types of questions to focus on. This makes it easier to focus and you can get results faster . Therefore, with effort, anyone can master analogies and also mark the exam.

The SSAT - Some important info

The SSAT is the Admission Test High School. This is the United States conducted by the Council SSAT . The SSAT is the school - students in the United States who plan their studies are given in all private and independent schools on . Depending on the types in which this school - students study the SSAT is performed at three levels:

Level base for students who are currently studying in classes 3 and 4
Intermediate: For students currently in grades 5-7
Level up: For students who are currently in classes 8-11

This article gives you all the information you need on the SSAT test.

Format SSAT test
The format of the SSAT is similar in all three planes . It's just the difficulty varies . Details of the format of the three levels of SSAT are listed below:

Elementary : There are four sections of this plan the SSAT test.
Quantitative Section : There are 30 multiple choice questions in this section must be attempted in 30 minutes.
Verbal Section : This section contains 30 questions to be completed in 20 minutes.
Read : You must try 28 questions based passage in a period of 30 minutes.
Writing sample : you will receive a prompt of the image, and you must write a short story about the call within 15 minutes.

Intermediate and Advanced : Sections of this level of SSAT test are described as follows :
The SSAT test medium and higher level of time and tests are divided into five sections.
You have 25 minutes for the writing sample , every 30 minutes for a verbal section and two quantitative sections and added 40 minutes reading section .
So the total time allowed for the solution of these two levels of SSAT test 2 hours and 35 minutes.

Content of the SSAT test
Content areas that are tested in the SSAT , are more or less the same for each level of the test. The only difference lies in the difficulty and the way questions are phrased .

Quantitative Section : The main areas that are in this section have been tested the skills of problem solving and basic math basic operations with numbers . Some basic concepts such as algebra and geometry are also tested in this section . In the middle and upper floors there are additional areas of content such as calculations based tested daily life.

Verbal sections: synonyms and analogies are the areas examined in this part of SSAT test on three levels.

Read sections: At the basic level of SSAT , you will receive four short passages and answer four questions on a passage each case. At intermediate and higher levels, you will receive 7 reading passages , and you have to answer 40 questions in total.

Writing sample :
Baseline : There is a picture given to invite you , surround you on the basis of a short story in 15 minutes.
Intermediate: You have a choice between trying one of two creative prompts. The time you have provided within 25 minutes.
Level up: You have 25 minutes to respond to a request or a creative essay prompt is . You can choose to do in the test.

Sign up for the SSAT
To register for the SSAT , you can go the link. For normal recording , you create an online account and connect with the powers of the SSAT , calendar , make changes to your existing program, you must stop the test or even see your results online later.

However, you must remember that the account is active only for a child. Although online registration is the most common form of registration , there are also other options available such as :
Sunday Testing: This is true if you want to observe a Sunday Sabbath and tests Saturday. In such an arrangement, you must register by mail or fax.

For more information about this test and the other recording options are available , you can mention the link above.

How is the SSAT score
Basic level : For the SSAT at basic values ​​scaled from 300 to 600 for all sectors, except for the working sample ( with no income is generated ) . Thus, the total score ranges from 900 to 2400. Percentiles 1 to 99th Percentile Percentile .

The middle and upper levels for these two levels of SSAT test scores ranged from 440 to 710 ( grades 5-7 ) and 500-800 (levels 8-11 ) by section, with the exception of sample writing ( which is not achieved for the SSAT ) . Thus , total scores ranging from1320 to 2130 (categories 5-7) and 1500-2400 (8-11 grades) .

You should note that the writing sample is not marked at all levels . However, a copy of the sample letter to the schools you are applying sent for evaluation .

Transcripts SSAT
The notes will be issued in schools ( the name of which, at the time of registration) about two weeks after the test date . You can also use the results SSAT line by itself in your account. The notes are not sent by e- mail or telephone for reasons of confidentiality.

How to Prepare for the SSAT
There are a number of ways you can prepare for the SSAT . However, the best sources are official SSAT study guide, which is available at be . The cost of this tour is $ 35 plus shipping. You can even try some sample questions for each subject by visiting link.

How the SSAT Scores are Used
SSAT scores are used by schools to determine whether applicants are eligible for admission to their courses or not. SSAT scores , these schools can compare different candidates on a common standard platform. Therefore, it is very important to get a high score.

Therefore, we can conclude that these seven points are very important for you to consider if the SSAT aim soon. Follow the links above for any questions you have regarding the SSAT test. Note, however, that an early start would be the best place to start!
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