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XAT 2012 is a common entrance examination for admission to academic programs of XLRI and 70 other institutions.
This year, XAT entrance exam was January 8, 2012 at the test center across the country instead. Thousands of aspirants participated in the examination for admission to prestigious management colleges in the country secure. There are nearly 70 management institutes that accept XAT result of the examination to enroll students in their B-schools. This year was the paper with a few changes that there were 85 questions, compared to 100 issues last year. This year, marking plates were different. There were three plates of the Mark 1 Mark 2 Mark 1.5 and Mark. The questions in the XAT exam was simple compared to the level of issues last year. But there were some changes in the paper model, so it was a different experience for students. The XAT 2012 ended with a happy ending, because it gave no gaps in the audit and no student complained of errors in the issues.

The evaluation of the test is really important for those students who have taken the exam and want to self-evaluate. Thus, this analysis, they will come to know that the number of questions that they tried, right, or what parts they performed well. It will also allow them to review their chances of getting a good score in XAT XAT 2012 Analysis e will also be useful for students who appear in the next XAT 2013 so that they come to know the reason for the review and want Perhaps to prepare.

XAT Paper
Here we discuss the issue XAT 2012 paper on which students may know based on XAT 2012 Analysis receive.

XAT 2012 paper was the following sections:

Analytical thinking and decision making.
There were 25 questions in the section and the difficulty level was high. It was a section that bothers students each year. Also this year asked the questions in this section have been difficult. Most questions were difficult and tedious. Overall, a good candidate to try to maintain 16 questions and get a target of around 11 years old when he / she tried the issues well. Should the cut was 6.5-7.

Verbal ability and logical reasoning
Like last year against 2012 XAT verbal ability section was much easier. Overall, the sections were much easier and more students in this section do not feel locked into the same issue. That would put a total of 32 questions in this section. Overall, an average student to try 22 or more questions in this section and a good score can vary between 17-19 in those sections, if students have tried lots of questions. The expected value threshold in this section is 11

Data interpretation and quantitative capacity
In this section, important questions were not asked of higher mathematics, bringing smiles to the faces of students, because they do not need to make additional efforts to solve mathematical problems. There were a total of 28 questions in this section. The document was well planned, that the diversity of issues that everyone turned to the attempt made. There were all sorts of questions in the newspaper, so try all kinds of students paper. Questions and bar charts are based were long and tedious. In these sections, if one or more students 19 questions were to try, it can be so good and the score of 16 may be considered a good score for the section.

XAT has cutoff for XLRI and XIMB interface. In addition to the two hours allotted to the sections above, students have 20 minutes to write XAT test. XAT essay will not be pulled for consideration percentile. You must be subjective weighting of individual institutions. In general, social, economic dominate the test section.

XAT Results
To obtain good results XAT, students really need to do XAT 2012 Analysis, with the largest cross section and end section with the highest second to start. Students should try the weakest link in the middle of the stage. The student must practice documents solution XAT question last year to get an idea of ​​the paper structure and XAT XAT see the answer key for correct answers. Referring to documents of key questions and answers XAT XAT is a good way to improve your performance and thus to obtain a good result XAT. Entry to various institutes XAT XAT result is based on the test, group discussion and writing personal interview.

GRE vs GMAT - Choose the right one

Indian students seeking to study abroad, are facing an increasingly confusing. If they apply for the GMAT or GRE. While both tests are very popular and widely acceptable in foreign universities, you should be the right choice for you as your future depends on it.

What is the main difference between the GMAT and GRE? There are many important factors such as the size of the two tests, graduates' perceptions of the benefits behind the audit, the preparation behind them and how to score well in these tests.

In general, says the GMAT exam, also capable of assessing a candidate for a management program specific to the other side of your skills for BRM in the flow of science, medicine, literature, mathematics and course, except for law programs.

Both the GRE and GMAT exams are designed for native English speaker, who, according to an immediate disadvantage of these foreigners, especially in the verbal domain. The GMAT has been accepted for some time that the main criteria for eligibility for a seat in all business schools. The GMAT is designed to verbal skills, math and analysis that the candidate has acquired during his or her education and the workplace to assess. But the test can not test some special knowledge of the business, professional skills, or subjective qualities such as motivation, creativity and social skills. In this test, if your maiden name, not the mother tongue is English, he or she is still a fair chance to score highly in this test.

GRE has assessed the extent to which developed in the undergraduate education of a student verbal and quantitative skills in abstract thinking. For a student who belongs to a non-English speaking countries, GRE requires a much wider knowledge of vocabulary, writing and general topics as the GMAT. Without good English and writing, it is not possible to score high in GRE exam. It is therefore recommended for non-English speakers, it is always good to take the GRE instead of GMAT.

GMAT score is more than just:
Listed candidates whose first language is not English, have the upper hand when it comes to scoring a high GMAT score. Today, business schools and graduate programs welcome students from diverse backgrounds, so that applicants from countries that have recently joined the European Union have always had a fair chance, accepted by the B- schools must be those of small countries. There are fair chances of a candidate by a B-school will be selected when the Institute determines that the applicant "special" and the functionality of the application, could support the GMAT score low enrollment. Candidates are always the preference, and have more chances of being selected.

Schools will also try to increase their attractiveness to candidates from different backgrounds. Candidates are more common in environment management, finance or accounting to come, but those who come from different backgrounds, are at the top of the list for admissions to business schools.

The main differences between the GRE and GMAT
The format of both tests are different, we need another type of approach and strategy to crack the exam. GRE, applicants must make the argument, analysis, on the other side of the GMAT exam candidates, who should already be supported. It is planned GRE test takers that candidates attract more abstract and conclusions from various sources and factors, which is how specific GMAT and analytical approach. There are some future managers actually be able to write his thesis and he has been able to recognize good? Both exams are different approach; GRE is conducted to assess the academic skills and GMAT for future leaders in academia.

What should the applicant?
Before the application of all institutes and universities abroad, is primarily the responsibility that you should know that the schools you are applying to accept this test. Look closely at the GMAT and GRE test and see how you feel about the exam. If you take the GRE and manage a high score, you can always ask the schools if they believe or not. One should always remember that institutions now work together, focusing instead on a section or part of it. Apply for a business school is not an overnight decision, it gives a boost to your career.

Study for the GRE Test? Tips and Guide

A variety of resources available for those who are preparing for the GRE. On admission, ETS provides preparation software called PowerPrep, which includes two practice tests of retired questions, as well as practical issues and materials, additional review.
Since the software both the test format and questions used, reproduced, it may be useful for predicting a student's actual GRE score. Several companies such as IMS Learning Resources and VISU offer courses, books and other materials unofficial preparation. The best route for a very good GRE score is a good mix of a variety of resources for the practice of ERM.

You can by becoming acquainted with the format of the GRE test, examination of the principles and practice tests to prepare under GRE. You should also try to look to take advantage of free GRE resources on the Internet. Here are eight ways to study will:

First Familiarize yourself with the general format of the GRE exam. There will be two sections for each of these areas, and not an additional pre-cut section. The content of the pre-cut portion may vary.

Second Take as many practice GRE tests as possible. The more exercise you get, the more one with the test format, and the more comfortable you are when you actually take it.

Third Review the guidelines for each section of the test before using it. Without the directions to save during the test.

4th Awareness of time to each section are assigned. Format GRE Verbal Section: 30 multiple-choice questions (30 minutes), Quantitative Section: 28 multiple-choice questions (45 minutes), the Analytical Writing: This section contains two paragraphs - Present your perspective on an issue and analysis an argument, each of which asks you to write a short essay. (45 + 30 minutes)

5th Familiarize yourself with the question formats for each section. The verbal section has four types of questions: antonyms, analogies, sentence completion and reading comprehension. The mathematics section includes quantitative comparisons and basic problem solving and analysis section contains analytical thinking, reasoning, and essay questions.

6th Focus on the GRE vocabulary. The verbal section of the GRE is essentially a vocabulary test. A little effort will ensure that you can easily navigate thru 'questions GRE vocabulary!

7th Review basic math such as geometry, algebra, proportions, fractions, percents, decimals, the order of operations, and everything you learned in school mathematics. This will help fight against the quantitative part of GRE test with ease.

8th Try some puzzles of logic and a few games for the math portion of the GRE test preparation to solve. To make your study sessions will be interesting! Another good tip is to approach GRE vocabulary with flash cards. Invent mnemonics to learn by heart GRE Vocabulary is fun.
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