Sunday, January 8, 2012

GATE Exam 2012

Who are eligible to appear for GATE 2012?
The following categories of candidates are eligible to appear for GATE.

Bachelor's degree holders in Engineering/Technology/Architecture/Pharmacy and those who are in the final Year of such programmes.

Master's degree holders in any branch of science/mathematics/statistics or Equivalent and those who are in the final year of such programmes. However, if the degree is in Master of Computer applications, the candidate should have had course in mathematics at the Bachelor's or Master's level.

Candidate in the second or Higher year of (post B.Sc) four year integrated Master's degree programme in Engineering/Technology or in the third or higher year of the 4-year integrated Master's degree/Dual degree programme in Engineering/Technology.

Candidates with qualifications obtained through Examination conducted by professional societies recognised by UPSC/AICTE as equivalent to B.E/B.Tech.

GATE 2012 Examination Details :
The Examination is a single paper of 3 hrs duration and of 150 marks. There will be 30 questions of 1 mark and 60 questions of 2 marks.

A candidate is expected to answer the paper appropriate to the discipline of his/her qualifying degree. However, the candidate is free to choose any of the papers as his/her admission plan.
You have to choose te subject and study as per the syllabus mentioned in the GATE brochure.

About GATE Result
Results of qualified candidates in GATE 2012 will get All India Rank and percentile score. For, example a percentile score of 99 % means you are in the top 1% category of the candidates who appeared for GATE.

Candidates who get less than 70 percentile get no score card.

GATE scores are valid for 1 year only. You may reappear in the GATE exam if you are not satisfied with the earlier score and the new score will be used for admission purposes.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

CAT - How to deal with Data Interpretation

With the change in the pattern of the exam introduced with this year, students have many doubts. As per the changes, instead of three sections there will be two sections in CAT now- Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation and Verbal Ability & Logical Reasoning. But even if the pattern is new, the components of the sections and the areas will remain the same. So you need not change your preparation strategy for the new pattern.
In an attempt to help you ace your preparation, we will discuss about Data Interpretation which will be now converged with the Quantitative Ability part in the first of the two sections of CAT.

Topics covered in Data Interpretation of CAT :
The Data Interpretation section consists of graphs, charts, tables etc. for calculating data. Though some questions need calculations, others can be solved just mentally without calculation. Questions can also be asked on Tables, Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Line chart/Scatter diagrams; Caselet/Logic based DI, Network Diagram etc. The only way to do well in this section is to improve your ability to work with numbers. You need to increase the speed of your mental calculations and that can be achieved only by practice.

Books for Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning:
There are some books that will help you prepare for the CAT 2012 exam. Some books dealing with this section are-:

How to prepare for the Data Interpretation for CAT' by TATA-McGraw Hill publications
Course In Mental Ability and Quantitative Aptitude' by Edgar Thorpe
How to prepare for the Data Interpretation for CAT' by Arihant Prakashan
Data Interpretation and Logical by Arun Sharma

How to prepare for Data Interpretation?
Practice: Take as many mock tests as possible. Also solve previous years' CAT papers. Talking to media, Vinayak Kudva, Product Head, IMS Learning says, "For Data Interpretation, go through last five to six years CAT exam papers and try solving them without any preparation. Analyse and evaluate your approach with reference to every question including the one which you solved easily."
Reading: Reading books and prep material will be useful. You must read articles, especially on business which are heavy on data and analyse them.
Analyse: Refer to the graphs and data provided in various business papers and business magazines or corporate publications. You need to identify techniques to solve questions which require time consuming calculations.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tips to crack the SAT exam

U.S. to consider studying abroad destination, each year hundreds of thousands of students move there to pursue their higher education systems. If you want to take admission at a U.S. university, you must take the exam Sat is a standardized test is performed in order to evaluate, take the skills of the students, the Bachelor's degree at American universities. This is a test of all students, want to pursue her undergraduate studies at American universities is required. The investigation is on writing in English, mathematics and verbal language skills. To in any review, it is important that you prepare well and learn the reason for the exam in advance. To excel in your SAT test score and you have to prepare hard, here are some tips for the exam:

Practice Test Simulation: 
In order to be successful in this review, it is really necessary that you practice a lot of test simulation. Try to test, in order, simulation practice, as you can to familiarize yourself with the reasons for reviewing familiar. The more the better you will perform the audit practice.

Do you know the format: 
Before the exam, you must know the format of the exam. The test consists of questions of similar difficulty and the type and time of trial for the same range of verbal and mathematical abilities of students. It will give you the upper hand for those students who know with the review model in advance and they need to know what kind of question that they support in the review.

Read the instructions carefully: 
Before you try to start the questions, there is always that you read all instructions carefully. Under the guidance and answers to the questions accordingly.

Use the order of difficulty:
on the PSAT and SAT I math and sentences are completed questions are arranged in the order. The test is in a way that the first questions that are formatted at the start and face difficult questions in the last part of the check face. Use this knowledge to make your strategy for the review to answer each section, for example, consider spending more time on problems early will net "easy" to secure point.

Speed ​​and Timing:
To get good marks in the exam, it's really important that you answer all the questions and try to pass all sections of time to put an end to complete the review. When trying this type of investigation it is really important that you have a good speed to answer questions so that you end your exam time.

Be careful with the answer grid:
If you correctly answer all questions about these tests, the score will undoubtedly be lower if it is placed in the power of evil. We should be careful in the selection of answers.

Take a guess: 
If you do not know a specific answer, but know the answer to the next or the next to guess intelligently. There is negative marking in the exam, so if you are unaware of the issues, as it always suggestive next round of questions, rather than have time.

Popular TOEFL FAQs

TOEFL is generally aspirants who want to be admitted to a university abroad and whose first language is not English must be kept. The test result is accepted by many universities around the world. Students want to pursue, undergraduate, graduate or other program at a foreign university must submit the test result as proof of their proficiency in English. Many universities accept test score as a criterion standard for admission. Here are some frequently asked questions about the TOEFL exam:

1) What is the format of the TOEFL test?
Students can take the test in two formats, paper-based test or test based on the Internet. Applicants can check on the two test sites available to take them. Students choose the format based on the Internet, as is common and easy to use. Reading (12-14 questions), listening (six lectures), speaking (six points) and writing (two tasks): The exam is divided into four main sections.

2) How do I register for TOEFL?
All candidates wishing to participate in this test can register online, by phone, mail or in person visit the TOEFL centers. Students must book three examinations 57 months in advance, as has often a high demand for places.

3) What is the main difference between Internet-based testing and paper test?
Both the reading test assesses candidates, writing, listening and speaking. The duration of the two tests is different. The Internet-based test (IBT) is four and a half hours and is taken on the computer while paper-based test (PBT) is three and a half hours taken by conventional pen and paper method. IBT is 30-40 times a year in testing centers, while PBT is used six times a year.

4) How the test graded?
Students who have this test will be given a score between one and 30. An evaluation which are 0-14 as a low rating from 15 to 21 considered an intermediate storage and odds are 22 to 30, is considered high for each section. The scores of each section is set to give students an overall score of 120 candidates receive a transcript, so that the report detailed feedback on their overall performance and four other guests who have directly to the universities to which they are sent to apply. Students receive the results after 15 days.

5) How can I prepare?
To prepare the test, you can purchase materials for the TOEFL on the official website. Apart from this there are several sites offering the free online practice test papers and training materials. Aspirants can also private coaching for TOEFL.

6) What should I take with me to review?
On the test day, you must bring your registration number, proof of identification that include your name, signature and address must contain.

7) The test result is valid for how many years?
The TOEFL test score is a valid ground for 2 years from the date of the declaration.

8) Can I check again if my TOEFL score is not good?
Yes, you can test again if your score is not good Toffler. But you can not return to the examination in the same month, but you can book your next exam schedule. There is no limit to the examination in one year. They can occur at any time you wish.
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