Monday, February 6, 2012

GMAT 2012: Integrated Reasoning -Section

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is usually taken by candidates who wish to pursue an MBA in Finance and MS. It is one of the oldest tests for graduate admission and administered by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), USA. GMAT is accepted by all schools and colleges to recruit students. A higher grade will do you no guarantee of admission, but a low score will definitely get you out of the race entry.

There are three main sections in the ability to write analytical test (AWA), the quantitative and verbal section. The quantitative section has two types of questions, problem solving and data integrity, problem solving and data integrity, while the composite section.

The oral portion consists of three types: fixed sentence, critical reasoning and reading comprehension, even here. Questions of each type appear in no particular order. The Analytical Writing has two issues a request to assess a problem and another is to investigate an argument.

The new format will be implemented from 2012 and this new format includes a new section Integrated Reasoning section. The issue will force the test taker to rely on information from multiple sources and develop an optional solution. According to sources, the test has been developed for such situations, the types of complex challenges that students encounter as a student business school and as a manager in the future to make gifts. This section would replace one of the two modules in the presence of GMAT Analytical Writing format, so the total time remains the same. The test should first be evaluated separately.

Scoring model:

The GMAT is based on some basic concepts in math and verbal section. This student has the ability to think quickly, be assessed on their feet, the ability to perform a task in the allotted time to perform under pressure. The pattern paper is computer adaptive, GMAT questions adapts to your ability to respond, you should pay attention to your first questions, when they decided the difficulty of the question. So always ensure that you answer them right. There are no negative points in the exam, so you can make intelligent guess, unless you are sure of the answer.

Make sure you answer all questions and complete each section within the time limit. If you leave a section of it unprecedented impact on the overall result.

It's not about how to perform this test, but it is more correct attitude and approach to issues that will determine your score. Those who are aware of their approach and not give up under pressure are always those who are comfortable with the GMAT exam.

Current format for GMAT

Analytical Writing: Analysis of an issue, Analysis of an argument :
Question  1  time  30 min score  0- 6
Optional break   
5 min

Quantitative Section: Problem Solving, Data Sufficiency   
Total: 37 Question   Total: 75 min   score 0-60

Optional Break  
5 min 

Verbal Section: Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning, Sentence Correction 
Total: 41 Question     Total:75 min     Score 0-60

Total Score  200-800


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