Sunday, October 6, 2013

Tips to build your vocabulary for TOEFL

Increasing up the vocabulary of a foreign language like English is difficult for anyone, especially if you don't use the language often in daily life. So it's very logical if you are feeling nervous about your upcoming TOEFL Examination. Following are tips to help you efficiently build up vocabulary for TOEFL test.

1) Read plenty of materials that interest you   
Some time educational books makes you bore and you don't want to force yourself to read them. Try to read plenty of other books that interest you and pick out the new words that you don't know the meaning and find these words in the dictionary.

2) Design the most effective way to build vocabulary
Everyone has different learning abilities. There are some effective ways to build vocabulary. The first technique is to use vocabulary trees that help to present context. Map out some vocabulary trees which make you automatically starts thinking in vocabulary groups. When you see a knife, your brain will rapidly relate to words such as cup, dishes, fork, late etc.
Make vocabulary themes is an alternative method. This method includes listing down vocabulary themes by arranging them according to the vocabulary itself, definition and a sample sentence. Always try out both methods and discover the way which helps you to build vocabulary fast and easy.

3) Use the newly learned words in daily routine
Keep try to put newly learned words in daily routine life which is helpful practice to memorize the words. Include these words into communication. If you did not find the opportunities to use those words, speak it by yourself using these words. The most significant thing you have to do is to increase your knowledge.

4) Use Technology
To understand English, watching English movies is a great way which is effective to build vocabulary. You can also use of TOEFL preparation DVDs and computer softwares which specially designed to build power vocabulary. Using technology will save time as compared to out dated ways of learning words.

5) Create particular goals
It guides to make specific goals to increase your vocabulary. For example, decide a different topic each week and find out all the essential vocabulary related with the topic. Give yourself a little reward at the end of the week to motivate yourself to carry on building up vocabulary until your test day.

6) Picture your words   
Use your imagination, when you study the words that you've just learned. Picture the word in mind. This is the easy and very effective method to remember new words.
Since boost your English vocabulary is extremely essential thing to ace the TOEFL test, full preparation for the test will take a good few months. But follow the above mentioned tips and you should be able to grip the test. If you need further discipline to work on your vocabulary however, don't be panic, just consider taking up a TOEFL preparation course for getting skills and help.

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