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XAT 2012 is a common entrance examination for admission to academic programs of XLRI and 70 other institutions.
This year, XAT entrance exam was January 8, 2012 at the test center across the country instead. Thousands of aspirants participated in the examination for admission to prestigious management colleges in the country secure. There are nearly 70 management institutes that accept XAT result of the examination to enroll students in their B-schools. This year was the paper with a few changes that there were 85 questions, compared to 100 issues last year. This year, marking plates were different. There were three plates of the Mark 1 Mark 2 Mark 1.5 and Mark. The questions in the XAT exam was simple compared to the level of issues last year. But there were some changes in the paper model, so it was a different experience for students. The XAT 2012 ended with a happy ending, because it gave no gaps in the audit and no student complained of errors in the issues.

The evaluation of the test is really important for those students who have taken the exam and want to self-evaluate. Thus, this analysis, they will come to know that the number of questions that they tried, right, or what parts they performed well. It will also allow them to review their chances of getting a good score in XAT XAT 2012 Analysis e will also be useful for students who appear in the next XAT 2013 so that they come to know the reason for the review and want Perhaps to prepare.

XAT Paper
Here we discuss the issue XAT 2012 paper on which students may know based on XAT 2012 Analysis receive.

XAT 2012 paper was the following sections:

Analytical thinking and decision making.
There were 25 questions in the section and the difficulty level was high. It was a section that bothers students each year. Also this year asked the questions in this section have been difficult. Most questions were difficult and tedious. Overall, a good candidate to try to maintain 16 questions and get a target of around 11 years old when he / she tried the issues well. Should the cut was 6.5-7.

Verbal ability and logical reasoning
Like last year against 2012 XAT verbal ability section was much easier. Overall, the sections were much easier and more students in this section do not feel locked into the same issue. That would put a total of 32 questions in this section. Overall, an average student to try 22 or more questions in this section and a good score can vary between 17-19 in those sections, if students have tried lots of questions. The expected value threshold in this section is 11

Data interpretation and quantitative capacity
In this section, important questions were not asked of higher mathematics, bringing smiles to the faces of students, because they do not need to make additional efforts to solve mathematical problems. There were a total of 28 questions in this section. The document was well planned, that the diversity of issues that everyone turned to the attempt made. There were all sorts of questions in the newspaper, so try all kinds of students paper. Questions and bar charts are based were long and tedious. In these sections, if one or more students 19 questions were to try, it can be so good and the score of 16 may be considered a good score for the section.

XAT has cutoff for XLRI and XIMB interface. In addition to the two hours allotted to the sections above, students have 20 minutes to write XAT test. XAT essay will not be pulled for consideration percentile. You must be subjective weighting of individual institutions. In general, social, economic dominate the test section.

XAT Results
To obtain good results XAT, students really need to do XAT 2012 Analysis, with the largest cross section and end section with the highest second to start. Students should try the weakest link in the middle of the stage. The student must practice documents solution XAT question last year to get an idea of ​​the paper structure and XAT XAT see the answer key for correct answers. Referring to documents of key questions and answers XAT XAT is a good way to improve your performance and thus to obtain a good result XAT. Entry to various institutes XAT XAT result is based on the test, group discussion and writing personal interview.


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