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British and American English Skills Testing

Every year people 2 + M tests in English and if the passage of winning long-awaited international certificates. Some seek to provide foreign education or start a career abroad, some migrate to a country or just clean (ambitious) purposes. Others are for a company that will work great house and encouraged. An international certificate is the key to a dream for all those people.

1-  IELTS is a test to test for British English. This test system consists of two international versions: the general module (for those in the direction of permanent residence in Canada, New Zealand and Australia) and the academic unit (as well as nurses and foreign college / university students). They are both made up of four parts - reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Reading, Writing: 60 min
Talk: 15-20 minutes
Listen: 30-35 minutes + 10 minutes to transfer projects in response to an answer sheet

IELTS covers all levels of government outcome of the English language from scratch (do nothing) to 9 (as do the English educated). Emigrants must, while the points 5-7 points + 7 students. The IELTS certificate expires after two years.

2-  The TOEFL is an international study in American English for ESL learning required foreigners entering Canadian and American universities. The standard test consists of four parts: listening comprehension, structure and written expression, reading comprehension and the Test of Written English. To some degree, you generally have 60-90 points and 65 to 100 points for postgraduate studies. The TOEFL certificate expires after two years.

3-  Cambridge exams

Cambridge ESOL exams are five tests to check on a level of English. Each Cambridge exam corresponds to a specific group. Cambridge International Certificates are for a lifetime.

KET is a beginner Cambridge exam. This can be used for pre-intermediate learners of English, the road signs, advertising, short, simple instructions, read indicators and maintain glib. KET includes reading, writing, listening and speaking.

PET is a test for international graduate students in English. It tests the skills of written and spoken word in everyday communication. PET is the writing and reading, speaking and listening.

FCE is an international inquiry into British English for advanced students English as a broad European level. The test consists of writing, vocabulary and grammar, reading, listening and speaking. CFE is granted only if they are successful: 60% + correct answers for the passage of the class C, 75 +% for the Middle B and 80% + for the greater A.

CAE is an exam the next step internationally between FCE and CPE. It includes reading, writing, English in use, listening and speaking. The success rate here at 60% to 80% A + certificate of excellence. All written exams are reviewed and at Cambridge. The oral examination by two examiners certified by the Association of Cambridge ESOL given. The development of this ability will help ensure that podcasts can be heard in English. CAE, up to 200 points in each of the five races with 40 points.

The CPE exam is the oldest and toughest of Cambridge. She goes by the English as a candidate for an educated native speaker to master. CPE consists of five identical documents. Passing this test is based on a knowledge of English grammar rules. The international certificate is awarded, as FCE and CAE.

BEC is an international 3-series analysis of cases in British English. BEC Preliminary is the easiest test (such as PET), BEC Vantage is a mid-range (like CTF) and BEC Higher is the hardest (like CAE). Each consists of four parts - reading, writing, listening and speaking. The test takes about 3-4 hours. CLB happen, it takes 60 +% of correct answers for Level C, 75% for B + and 80 +% of the largest in a note.

ILEC is an examination of international level upper-intermediate/advanced. The certificate entitles the holder to be fluent in English to all ILECs professional issues and studies in foreign universities, schools of law.

CIET is an international certificate from Cambridge in finance and accounting. There is a need for accountants, bankers, labor, listeners and students of computer science business, finance and economics in the English language.

TKT is a test for international teaching English test, as they give English lessons.

International Exam Preparation

Preparation for any reviews existing international hours is hard work.

Step 1 - Define a level of language

Step 2 - Select the type of investigation
If you go to Europe, you need a certificate FCE / CPE / CAE / IELTS / BEC. Almost all American universities consider TOEFL. Canada, New Zealand and Australia usually accept IELTS.

Step 3 - Courses
You have to choose between different specialized courses abroad and at home. In the first case preparation time is shorter by direct contact with native speakers, English-speaking environment (listening comprehension) and Professional Learning. However, these courses are more expensive than at home, which in turn are longer. In general, foreign courts to a 3 months (the agent), while up to several years in his home country.

Note that any international criticism has its own characteristics and important nuances. So apart from knowledge of English pronunciation, listening comprehension, we must learn to select all the formalities of examination.


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