Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Most Common Mistakes in the ACCA Exam Hall

Not read the question correctly
Not read the question correctly , and therefore unable to detect soft targets . This is the greatest sin of taking exams and one of the most common mistakes . You should make sure you choose the questions that can more easily in its first reading through the paper .
Answering the question that I would like to have asked
Answering the question you would like to be invited , not what was asked . This is another of the dangers linked to not read the newspaper through carefully before you start . Make sure you understand the terms of the whole issue - not be blinded by some key terms that suggest it is a pet subject.

Allow to distract
Be distracted by seeing what other people in the room are doing. If the candidate next to you starts scribbling away, ignore them. There can be assessed throughout the paper correctly and that almost inevitably run out of time at the end of the examination. No time to be following the herd in order to hold their nerve.

Poor time management
Mismanagement of time - spending too much time on issues that have very few brands . Spend a few minutes at the beginning to plan how much time you should spend on each answer, set time limits for yourself and stick to them. It's as simple as that.

Not understand the verbs used
Not understand the verbs used - Explain , define and illustrate . Many brands are unnecessarily lost by candidates who fail to grasp the true meaning of the question. If you are asked to define a term, do just that. And if asked to illustrate , remember to provide examples of the question or the real life.

Do not use the mark allocation as a guide
Do not use the mark allocation as a guide to the number of points to be made. Provide a list of bullet points , when a more comprehensive response is required. Again, this is a point on how busy and how your response should be organized . The allocation of points will give an indication of how to prioritize and what writing style to use.

Bad design
Bad design - do not use lagoons , titles, etc. . The examiner does not want to deal with pages and pages of writing unorganized over what you do when you take a textbook. Guide Examiner as possible and impress with their organizational capacity .

Focusing too much on your response theory
Focusing too much on your response in theory, when the implementation of aspects of the question is more important. You need to read the question to show that you can apply the rules in practice mounts.

Do not have a pencil ( and parts)
Do not have a pencil ( and spare parts) , ruler, and calculator ( with extra batteries ) . This is self-explanatory - and inexcusable .

Not allow enough time to arrive at the examination room at the time
Not allow enough time to arrive at the examination room at the time - plan your trip , make concessions to traffic jams and so on. Rising early may not be ideal in terms of giving you a long time to develop the butterflies, but consider how much more stressed you feel stuck in a traffic jam some five miles away, with only ten minutes remaining .
Preparation in terms of knowledge of the test is important , but the technique of examination and understanding of how to deal with exam stress is vital.

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